Tool Room
Green River Precision is your "virtual" toolroom.  It can be quite difficult to maintain a complete toolroom capacity for your manufacturing business.  Even more difficult can be finding qualified vendors to provide toolroom services for your business.  At Green River Precision, we have extensive toolroom experience.  Working with complex assemblies, difficult or unusual materials, and tight tolerances is the norm for toolroom work.  And by augmenting Green River Precision's internal capacities with an extensive network of reliable vendors we are able to coordinate solutions to even your most complex problems.
Each toolroom project begins with a basic design review of the project and prints in order to FULLY understand the machining requirements.  This may require additional input, and occasionally, results in discovery of design problems BEFORE we begin production.  The experience or our skilled technicians may be able to avoid costly problems before they occur.
Many toolroom projects require input from several manufacturing trades, for example, sheet metal fabrication, plating, heat treating, grinding, or engineered coatings.  Obviously, no single vendor can perform all of these requirements 'in-house.'  We have an excellent network of vendors for these and other processes; vendors with whom we have long term relationships, vendors who are able to coordinate with each other due to their experience in providing complete solutions to Green River Precision and our customers.
Finally, each toolroom project is inspected and tested to insure that it meets both Green River Precision's own internal quality and workmanship standards as well as the inspection criterion set forth by our customers.  We won't make what we can't inspect.
Typical Tool Room Project